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The use of moxa is an ancient Chinese technique which involves burning the herb artemisia vulgaris, or mugwort, on various acupuncture points. With direct moxa, the fluffy mugwort herb is made into a cone or ball, placed on the skin, lit with an incense stick, burned slowly, and removed; the process is repeated several times. "Like clearing the house for a guest," moxa removes old stagnant energy to make way for the new. Moxa is applied either in place of acupuncture needles or prior to needling for various health benefits such as: 


  • Stimulating internal systems i.e., digestive, respiratory, gynecological, etc. 

  • Warming and nourishing body regions and meridian pathways

  • Pain from injury or arthritis 

  • Activating smooth flow of qi and blood

  • Boosting overall immune function 

  • Improving circulation and digestion and elimination    

  • Relieving menstrual cramps   

  • Maintaining general health and well-being

  • Even turning a breech baby!

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