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When the elements manifest in a balanced and harmonious state within us,

we experience health, harmony, and the joy in being exactly who we are.

Early observations of the elements- Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood

lead to the realization that just as the five elements can be found in nature- i.e. summer, late summer, autumn, winter, and spring- they can also be found in every living being.

According to this theory, the internal organs have aspects that reach beyond the physical and hold meaning at the physiological and spiritual levels. For example, we all see how the stomach takes in food and digests it, but it also takes in ideas to digest and process. If the stomach continues to process and digest without moving the nutrients to the rest of the body kingdom, one might experience ruminating thoughts, stomach aches, and never feeling satisfied physically, mentally, or emotionally.  















This means that everything a person might experience in life -joy, anger, panic, clarity, sadness, overwhelm, worry, fear, elation, and contentment- is actually a reflection of the balance (or imbalance) of energy among the body's organ systems. A blockage, disruption, or weakness in this flow of energy between the organs will eventually lead to some form of disharmony and disease. Similarly, when the energy within the body is abundant, strong, and moving as Nature intended, there is no limit to the level of health and quality of life a person might experience.

5 Element Acupuncture treats the underlying cause(s) of the complaint(s) rather than temporarily relieving symptoms, which aims to prevent their recurrence in the future.

As the practitioner, I am trained to see and understand the relationships of the elements within the patient; therefore diagnosing and treating the root of the disharmony at the level of mind, body, and spirit. 

Fall Foliage
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"Now more than ever is the time to step into our power, recognize our brilliance, and live our lives as the greatest versions of ourselves.


We each have the capacity to see beyond our environment and connect back to the truth of who we are. I am here as a guide for you to unlock your own potential." 



Acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine that aims to treat the underlying imbalances that cause disease. It is a common misconception that acupuncture only treats physical ailments. Five Element Acupuncture, especially, treats at the level of mind, body, and spirit. 


It is also important to understand that acupuncture is excellent preventative medicine. In fact, many people with no overt symptoms find enormous benefit from receiving regular acupuncture treatment, as it supports a much greater sense of balance, harmony, and ease in one's life.

“The Universe is not outside of you.
  Look inside yourself, everything that you want, you already are.”
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